Core Competences

Research & Consultancy

Innovation Management

Project Development

Capacity Building

We support evidence-based policy and decision-making by fact-finding with scientific methods.

We facilitate the multi-stakeholder, cross-domain application of innovative technologies and solutions in cities.

We prepare and implement strategies and projects applying  smart sustainable solutions in cities. 

We set up learning communities and enable targeted transfer of knowledge and know-how.

Recent Projects

Framework Study League of International Testbeds

Smart Cities Marketplace

Foresight Study for Mission Board Smart and Climate-Neutral Cities

Development Smart City Guidance Package

Locality executes this study, in collaboration with Cleantech Scandinavia, for the Dutch Enterprise Agency, Dutch Embassy to Sweden, Innovation Quarter and City of Rotterdam. It assesses …

Led by VITO, Locality is responsible for the community and capacity building through Action Clusters, where businesses, city administrations, research and NGOs work together on a voluntary …

Locality contributed to the Foresight Study led by AIT, which supported the Mission Board on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, which co-designs the content of the new Horizon Europe programme. The Foresight Study …

As Initiative Leader in the Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations, Judith Borsboom has led the work on compiling the Smart City Guidance Package …